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We are no longer providing marketing or design and focus entirely on delivering apprenticeships as Ginger Nut Training.

Since we started Ginger Nut Media, and later Ginger Nut Design, we have always been passionate about giving people opportunities in life and their careers. When we decided to grow the business we took on five local apprentices to help us achieve this.

We couldn’t have chosen five more proactive, innovative people who helped shape Ginger Nut in its early days. We doubled our productivity within six months and went on to win many awards including Best New SME at the National Apprenticeship Awards, All About School Leavers Best level of support and were listed as a Top 100 apprenticeship employer three times.

Being independently owned and self-funded during launch, hiring apprentices made utter sense within our business plan. Our strategy of growing the business with apprentices, throwing them in the deep end and trusting them to deliver paid off and the company continued to grow.

After hiring near on 30 apprentices ourselves, we decided, in 2014 that we wanted to take the next steps on the apprenticeship journey and launched our independent training provider Ginger Nut Training.

Here we used the experience of managing apprentices within our business and our knowledge on stakeholder groups and consultants to build a provider that was different. We wanted to build a provider focused on customer service, the needs of employers and the desires of apprentices.

We are now an established, national training provider working with employers in the public and private sector to create opportunities for young people and established staff to improve their careers. We are rated Good in all areas by Ofsted.

We provide a number of apprenticeships in Office Skills, IT and, of course, Marketing and Content.

We had an amazing time running Ginger Nut Media and Design and are proud of the amazing campaigns we delivered and the great people and brands we worked with.

If you’d like to hear more about how apprentices can help grow your business as it helped us then please do get in touch here.

You can find out more about what we’re doing at

This is the end of an era for us but what an adventure it has been! Ginger Nut wouldn’t be what it is today without so many people and we’re so grateful to everyone we worked with along the way.

Thank you