The best-dressed email creative of 2015.

A few months ago I posted a blog about the best-dressed email creative of the year (so far). Now it is time to crown our winner. We are looking for the ball gown of email marketing creatives, the little black dress, the perfect stiletto…

Let’s begin the count down.

At number 6 we have….


Skinade is a multi-award winning, natural peach and mangosteen flavoured anti-ageing collagen drink containing a patent pending formulation of active ingredients that boosts your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid

Designer’s Notes

Skinade in great to design for, I love it when they come back for another creative. We have designed a few different campaigns for skinade and I am proud of every one of them, however I think this is my personal favorite. Skinade’s branding is very clean and modern with different shares of grey. When designing the creative the client asked for a bit more “zing” so I used the colour-picking tool to choose the warm yellow from the peach.

At Number 5 we have….


CornWare UK, a UK based company is the sole distributor of Origo – a cornstarch based bioplastics in the form of disposable tableware and carrier bags. Cornware has not only the capabilities to address the growing concerns of climate change; it is also cost and performance competitive to oil-based plastics and fibers.

Designer’s notes

The client sent over a leaflet they had and ask us to replicate the design, unfortunately that can be difficult to do, as HTML coding for email creatives can be restrictive. For example, on the leaflet there was a wooden background (much like that of the image below) when coding an email creative you want to ensure the paragraphs are in text form. If I were to put the paragraphs over the picture we would not have successfully coded the creative, as the text would have been image. The reason we do this is because creative performs better. It is best to ensure text is over a solid background rather than on a picture so we can make sure it displays.

At Number 4 we have…


SpraySeal was formed in 1987 and is a family run business. The Directors have over 40 years experience in the roofing and construction industry, both in the UK and abroad.

Designer’s notes

With SpraySeal it took a few more drafts to get exactly what they were looking for. Here at Punk Pig we are always making sure our clients are sending things out that they love 100%.
That way we can ensure that everyone is happy. Sometimes things just need the smallest of amends, a little change here and there which create exactly what the client is looking for – it’s always worth this extra time and effort to get it spot on for the client.

I love this design. It looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye and it conveys a great message. You know where you are with this design.

At Number 3 we have…


F.Hinds is on many high streets and in shopping centers across England and Wales. Established in 1856, they are an independent; family owned and run business that celebrated 150 years in 2006.

Designer’s notes

I absolutely loved designing for F.Hinds. To be honest the creative made its self. I really did not feel I had to really think about how I wanted to make this one work. The assets where perfect. It was just the matter of making sure the colours worked. I am pretty sure this creative had made a conversion within minuets of broadcasting… I always say it is because of the design not the targeting (although it truly is a bit of both, I just like to boast *smirks *)

Runner UP!


The owner and designer is Mr. Rami Elle. He started with men’s clothing in 1971 working for a high-end public company, and in 1979 he decided to open his own business in the luxury clothing and footwear for men. He has now started fashion for women and is planning on expanding the range over the next coming months, so keep your eyes peeled for great fashion.

Designer’s notes

This is a recent design we did actually; we designed this for black Friday last week. (We did quite a few, however this particular one is definitely a favorite and is this year’s runner up! The assets for this campaign were fun to work with, having the opportunity to bring images together to make a bigger picture/ to give a feeling of want and desire!


The Car Loan Centre

They pride themselves on being one of the most customer-focused lenders in the UK. They work hand in hand with every customer to TAILOR finance packages so that they are AFFORDABLE and manageable.

Unlike traditional lenders, who will credit score each customer, The Car Loan Centre does not discriminate against people who have had past credit issues. They take each case on its own merits, basing their decisions on affordability.

Designer’s notes

So here we have it, my over all winner for 2015. Why this creative? It is bold. The assets are great. The layout is perfect. When designing for email marketing you have to think about how the viewer is going to interact with the creative. So the layout is important – Research was conducted with eye tracking, along with our own research of tracking through unique clicks we have discovers that the top third is the most interactive, therefore I wanted to ensure the layout replicates this; at Punk Pig we refer to this as the F-format which you can see in this design.

We also like to make the top 3rd the most clickable, I have achieved this by ensuring we used CTAs at the top and through out. CLC have great assets, their designs/website is really nice to look at, assets can really be the different between a great creative and a bad one, we recommend a good balance between text and images. As a rule we try to use as little text as possible. We do this because you do not want to overwhelm the viewer. For me it was lovely to design for a company that obviously cares about design.

So there we have it, this year best dressed email creative of 2015!