Social media image sizes (2015)

We have written a blog that shows the Social Media image sizes of 2015. With the growing need for businesses to have a social media presence it is important to optimise your images to suit each social media site, to represent you best. Images that don’t fit or are stretched show your business off as… Read more »

Creating the perfect Business Card.

When creating a business card, it’s not just about slapping the logo on with relevant information. You have to remember that you will be giving these things out. You need to be making a good impression. If they don’t remember you giving them the business card, at least your business card will do the talking… Read more »

How to keep your customers loyal.  

Catching the attention of new customers is difficult, keeping them should not be. However, the truth is with online shopping and social media, businesses hang on the balance of one bad review. Loyalty is not earned in a day – it is built over time. It starts with your branding and ends with your customer… Read more »

Basic Colour Theory

The desire of ordering colours is definitely something a lot of designers have. The first time this was demonstrated was in 1666. Sir Isaac Newton developed the colour wheel and since then many artists, designers, and even scientists have created or in some opinions developed several versions since. All claiming that one format is superior… Read more »