Creating the perfect Business Card.

When creating a business card, it’s not just about slapping the logo on with relevant information. You have to remember that you will be giving these things out. You need to be making a good impression. If they don’t remember you giving them the business card, at least your business card will do the talking instead.

Here are some things to consider when designing a business card –

  1. Is the document colour mode set to CMYK?
  2. Am I using the fonts correctly?
  3. Have I used the images in my design accurately?
  4. Have I saved my design in all the right file formats?


The CMYK colour mode is used when the design is to be printed. It is good practice to check and see if you are working in the correct mode.

Here is how you check

Photoshop: Image > Mode > CMYK Colour

Illustrator: File > Document Colour Mode > CMYK Colour

InDesign: Window > Colour (When the panel pops up, click on the options button in this panel, and make sure that the CMYK option is checked.)

Check out our blog on basic colour theory


When design anything, it is important to make sure you are using the fonts correctly.

Bad typography affects the overall design. Visualise how uncomfortable you would feel if your smartphone used a font you could not read. Have you ever looked at a book and felt uncomfortable reading it? Imagine that same effect on your business card. Wherever there is typography there must be design.


You don’t have to have images on your business card but in case you decide you would like to have some sort of texture or background image over your business card then you must remember to have the resolution at 300 DPI.

You should not use images dragged off the Internet, as the resolution could be of lower quality such as 72 DPI. Google searches do not take into account licences and royalties. So it is considered good practice to either take the pictures yourself (so you know that the resolution is of high quality) or when using 3rd party images make sure you source the owner and ask permission to use them.

Saving the files correctly.

Business card designers should always provide you with these formats:

  1. JPG
  2. PDF
  3. TIFF

If you are provided with these files, you should not have to ask for anything else.

The design for your business card is important. We can help you design something that will be unique to you and your business.

Have something else in mind?

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