How to keep your customers loyal.  

Catching the attention of new customers is difficult, keeping them should not be. However, the truth is with online shopping and social media, businesses hang on the balance of one bad review. Loyalty is not earned in a day – it is built over time. It starts with your branding and ends with your customer service. Your business is worthless without customers. So we have put together a great list to get you started.

Make them feel special.

I don’t mean the new customers, I mean all customers. You need to set up a system where you remember certain things they have told you in passing – “oh its my daughters wedding next week so I wont be in until after her wedding. We are flying to Greece for three weeks” or “my mum is not well so I wont be in for my next appointment”. Take note and remember to mention it when they come back in. It is vital to make your customers feel special, cared for. You want to give them a reason to come back – No mater what you offer your customers, customer satisfaction should be your number 1 priority.

Show appreciation

For those high spenders, those special customers – that no matter rain or shine, after a bad unjust review or a recession – will always come back to you… They deserve your thanks – not a generic thank you for you business – I am talking birthday cards, Christmas cards, new years card. For the really special customers – even go as far as a Christmas hamper, that will really show the thanks you have. It may seem silly, a little cringe but I promise customers want to feel like you care for them not their money.

Great customer service

Along with making your customers feel special – you also need to maintain a high level of customer service. If a customer has a bad experience with an employee (no matter the quality or price of the product/service) then I can assure you they will not be returning in a hurry, and bad reviews spread like the plague. Causing a domino effect that could really damage your business – so it is vital to ensure yourselves and your staff are all keyed in when it comes to appropriate customer service.

Create a sense of community

Social media is a great place to create your community! Although social media can be fatal for businesses it can also be a lifeline – You must always respond to comments – no matter the nature of the comment, always be polite and respectful. Social media gives you a chance to share the companies “insides”. You can show your passion for your business and all the hard work that goes into it.

Here are some tips and tricks for social media:

Keep your customers engaged

It is important to keep your target market interested – Keep in touch with your audience as often as possible – this includes updating your social media on a daily basis

Tip: if you are a small business or even a large business set yourself up on Hootsuite this will allow you to set up automatic posts in advance.Create weekly blog posts with vital information about your area of business and use pretty graphics to make them more inviting.

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– Send out monthly newsletters with your latest news and products – you could also have a section about one of your blog post.

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– You could always do an email campaign – if you have a new product or if you have a discount/offer. An email campaign is a fantastic way to reach new customers.

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Keep your services and products high quality

It is very easy to cut corners, especially if you tightening the belt, but remember no matter the price of your products/services – if they are not high quality, people will not return. You want your customers to know they can count on you. When everyone else is producing rubbish quality for unreasonable prices people will be able to count on your to produce quality with reasonable prices.

Give them a reason to come back

How do you do this?

I promise it is simple – it doesn’t always have to be discounts and BOGOFs (although these are great)

A simple loyalty card is a great way to build loyalty – hence the name! Make sure the card actually offers a real reason for loyalty, for example if you have to spend over a £1000.00 in store before you get £5.00 off well I am sorry unless you are the super rich and famous – no one will want to get a measly £5.00 off. Draw them in with your loyalty card – come to us 3 times and get a ½ price [enter product here] come in 5 times and get 75% off [enter product here] come in 10 times get [enter product here] for free, come in 20 times and get [enter product here] free for two people. If you invite your friends and/or family you can have 10% off your next order.


Little incentives like these are great – maybe you are thinking I don’t want to give my products away for free – you don’t have to but just make sure whatever you loyalty cards offer – make ‘em worth it. Loyalty can’t be brought, but it can be earned – showing off the fact you value customers new and old will only benefit your business – have you ever heard of someone saying “I love that place, they treat me terribly and make me feel unwanted” -No.

Stay relevant

Keep an eye out for your competitors – if they are doing something that will undermine your business – then get the big guns out – Whack out the loyalty cards; show off the social media, your blogging, your monthly newsletter and your email campaigns – that are all advertising your special offers, your unique business and most importantly your quality customer service.

I hope you have been able to draw a good idea of changes to benefit your business. Stay tuned for our weekly blog posts with valuable information with tips, tricks and updates.

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