Remove Dead Ends and improve your website’s page rank.

Every page should be designed to channel visitors to the right product, service or sales representative. Dead ends are a visitors and web developer’s worst fear when searching or creating information on a website. No one wants to experience the mental anxiety of hitting a dead end and not knowing what to do next.

Thankfully this blog is here to save the day!

What are Dead Ends?

There are two main forms of dead ends:

  1. Dead end pages – these are also referred to as 404 error pages. Most visitors will instantly leave the domains error page and look elsewhere for the information they require.
  2. Dead links – these are a hyperlink, image or even a contact form that leads nowhere. This will not only have a risk of losing valuable customers but it will affect your SEO ranking as well.

Here are some of our top tips on how to prevent visitors from leaving dead end pages:

  • Make the error message continual – there are a few ways this can be done.
  • Add a suggested link on where to go next.
  • Add a search box so that the visitor can freely search your website for what information they are after.
  • If you are advertising a product that is out of stock, have a suggestion link to a different coloured or different style of that product.

Any of the above will help your visitors find the information they need.

  • Use a call to action – Give some gentle guidance as to what to do next.
  • A call to action can be as simple as text as a link like this one – Click me!
  • Links are also very effective, like this.
  • Alternatively you could use an image that indicates what the visitor should do next.